Dollar Store Must Buys for Christmas Celebrations

The holiday season is officially here! Between all of the things you will be doing and spending money on—gifts, holiday meals, decorations, and more—the next few weeks can get pretty expensive. However, it doesn’t have to cost you a lot during the festive holiday season. You can save plenty of ways, especially at the dollar stores! There are endless amounts of holiday items you can find at these stores that are actually good quality.

Here are some dollar store must purchases for the Christmas celebration.

Gift Wrapping

Dollar stores offer plenty of wrapping paper. There is a wide variety that also have good quality. You can even buy bows, ribbon, tags, tape, tissue paper, and pretty much whatever you’ll need to wrap your holiday gifts!

Holiday Cards

Buying cards at other stores besides the dollar store can add up to just $6 or $7 per card. The nicer cards get pricy…and let me tell you these usually get thrown away after the holidays. Check out the holiday cards at the dollar store. You can get some nice and cheaper ones that you’ll love just as much as the expensive Hallmark cards.

Holiday Decorations

Dollar stores are usually stocked for the holidays with great decors for the season. You can find even garland sometimes at the store.

Stocking Stuffers

There are plenty of little treasures to fill up your stockings for family and friends at the dollar store. You can find coloring books, crayons, stickers, action figures, and more for the kids. And for the adults, you there are plenty of things there too!

Treat Bags and Tins

If you are into baking holiday cookies for family and friends, stop by the dollar store and grab from the variety bags and tins to package them all up in!


There’s plenty of great, sweet and tasty candy on sale there too!

Christmas Ornaments

You can find rather nice ornaments boxed up for $1 each at the dollar store.

Disposable Bakeware

With all the baking and cooking during the holidays, cleaning dishes is the last thing you’ll want to be doing. You can find disposable bakeware at the dollar store. It’s also great to keep a few on hand if you need some in the future or to send leftovers with family and friends.


If you are looking for some disposable kitchenware too, pick some up at the dollar store too. There are holiday-themed plates, cups, silverware and more.

Serving Platters

The dollar store has cheap options for serving platters too, even holiday feasts can be served up in holiday style.

Cookie and Cake Decorations

There is frosting, sprinkles, paper cupcake liners, and more at the dollar store. There are plenty holiday-themed items there too such as cookie cutters!

There you have it, some holiday must buys from the dollar store. What are some things you purchase from the dollar store or must have for your Christmas celebration with family and friends? Tells us below in the comments!

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