Mom’s Travel Hacks: Top Tips for a Stress-Free Break

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Have you ever been on vacation only to find you come back more stressed out than you started? This stress begins long before you even go. Finding family-friendly resorts, worrying about money and preparing massive packing lists means that you need a relaxing break just to recover from the preparation. But, in many cases what you actually get is hyper and upset children and grumpy adults leading to a need for another holiday to recover from the first. Here are some top travel hacks to make it all easier.

Stick to What You Know

Yes, seeing the world is fantastic and we all love to explore new places. But, you’ve got your whole life to do it. While the kids are young, it’s easier to stick to an old favorite. There’s something quite lovely about returning to your favorite lodging in Bryce National Park every year. Make it a family tradition. This cuts down the stress of finding family-friendly destinations and means your children find it much easier to settle when you arrive.

Roll Your Packing

Packing is one of the leading causes of stress before you go. Rolling clothes instead of folding them saves space, cuts creasing and is just much, much easier to do.

Don’t Panic

If you forget something, don’t worry about it. Nowadays you can buy near enough anything you need all over the world. And if there’s something you can’t get, you’ll either manage or find an alternative.

Pack a Clothes Roller

Lint clothes rollers can be your best friend on a holiday with kids, and not just so that you’ve all got nice clean clothes. Use them to pick up sand, crumbs, grass and anything else your children manage to pick up.

Zip-Lock Bags

Zip-lock bags are another great help. Put your phone in one to keep it dry if you’re near the water. Take snacks from the hotel breakfast buffet in another. You can also use them to store any wet or dirty clothes that need changing while you are out, to keep everything else in your bag clean and dry.

Stay Safe

Losing our kids is probably most parents biggest fear on holiday. Especially if you are going to a busy resort. Buy temporary tattoos with your name and contact details to put on their forearms and teach them the address of your hotel in case they get lost.

Travel Helpers

Traveling with kids is tough whether you are flying or driving. So, make sure you take plenty of snacks, drinks and activities to keep them busy. It’s a good idea to think of your journey in 15-minute blocks and plan activities to fill them.

Rent What You Can

Instead of trying to transport all of the equipment a young child needs, look online before you go and find out what you could rent when you arrive. This could include travel cots, strollers, car seats and bottle sterilizers. You may have to pay a small rental charge, but it’ll be worth it to cut stress.

Traveling with kids is tough, but they grow up so fast, and you should enjoy these breaks as much as you can while you’ve got the chance.

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