Free College for California Residents

It’s that time of year where Senior students in high school are filling endless amount of applications online for colleges and touring college campuses. The last thing a soon to be college student is worrying about is the extent of how much college is and as a parent you might be feeling a little anxious. Well, if you are a resident of California and a new student enrolled full-time then you are cheering on the new law provision recently passed.

Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a law to make one year free for students at any of the 114 community colleges in the state of California. This applies to any students who are residents and enrolled full-time.

Currently California charges $46 per credit or around $1,100 a year when enrolled full-time at the community colleges.

While the first year of classes with the new law implemented might not actually be completely free for students. They might be charged additional fees such as student activities, Internet usage, or health care insurance.

California’s free community college program is likely to start for the 2018-2017 school year, but according to CNN, the state government will need to review the funding for the next school year’s budget which needs to be approved by June 2018.

In other news, it seems there is a national trend that California community colleges are following. A September poll directed by the Campaign for Free College Tuition says that 47% of respondents supported states to provide free tuition programs.

California isn’t even the first state to expand its college free tuition offerings. About 11 other states provide statewide scholarship programs similar to the one Governor Brown signed recently. Campaign for Free College Tuition also reports that five other states are currently in legislative activity regarding free college tuition offerings for students.

Community colleges are a great way to get the skills that you need to return the workforce and to save money on college classes before transferring to a four-year university. The national trend for free college tuition seems to be progressing towards a better way for students and families to save money on college.

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