How to Considerably Cut the Costs of Starting a New E-Commerce Store from Home


When it comes to starting an e-commerce store from the comfort of your own home, you’ll often be scared off by the costs involved. You’ll likely look at getting a new website that can sometimes cost thousands, you may even look at some of the marketing strategies and wonder how any business has managed to make a success with the budgets they started out with. However, there are actually many cost-saving e-commerce building solutions available thanks to the internet, some of which are outlined below.

Consider WordPress as the Base for Your Store

WordPress is the leader in CMSs (Content Management Systems), and that platform will provide you with an instant solution to get your website online cheaply. All you need is some shared web hosting and a domain to get started – setting up your website is easy from there onwards. WordPress can be installed with a click of a button from your web hosting control panel, and then you’ll have access to many free e-commerce themes and plugins to help you better manage your website. A custom web development solution could cost you thousands depending on your needs – a WordPress website will cost you less than 20 dollars. Therefore, it’s definitely a solution that should be on your list of things to research. Take a look at this WordPress guide to find out more.

Rethink Your Marketing Strategies

You could go down the traditional route of marketing your e-commerce store locally by using traditional marketing methods like leaflet distribution. Or you could opt for a digital marketing strategy which could cut the costs considerably. Building a social media presence isn’t easy, but it’s free. Writing unique content for your website is also not easy, but it’s free, and it could help propel your search engine presence to the top. Of course, you could also opt for building an email list to help your email marketing efforts – just click here for more information.

Take Advantage of That Garage Space

One of the costliest expenses when starting an e-commerce store: storage space. Many home e-commerce store owners opt for a local storage solution even though they have a perfectly suitable space right on their doorstep. As your business grows you’ll need to consider additional storage, but if you’re just starting out and looking to get your foot through the door, your garage will do just fine. The money you spend on storage could be better spent elsewhere. If a garage space isn’t possible, you can start using a spare room or space in the house.

What you do to save costs is completely up to you when it comes to starting an e-commerce store, but the above will considerably cut the costs down so you always have funds to take your business forward. By using WordPress as your store base, rethinking your marketing strategies, and taking advantage of your garage or spare room, you can easily shave thousands off that eye-watering startup cost you initially had planned.

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