How to Make Life with Multiples Easier

Congratulations! You now are the proud parent of twins (or triplets or quadruplets). While you’re delighted to welcome your bundles of joy, you might also a little nervous. That’s to be expected, but it will get easier over time (you may even get some sleep one day). If you’re looking for help with your new babies, consider the following tips to make your life a little easier:

Join a Twin Group

Being a parent can be an intimidating experience, and it may feel like your fear has doubled once you found out you were having twins. It easy to get caught up in what-if and worst-case scenarios, but you should try to focus on the fun and exciting parts about being the parent of multiples. Join a support group, such as Multiples of America or Raising Multiples, to see that other parents have been through your same situation. You can ask them all your questions and receive positive support to help you feel your best.

Figure out Transportation

Getting out of the house with more than one baby can be a real challenge, which is why you need a good stroller. Unless you have someone to go with you everywhere, you need a double stroller that you can maneuver on your own (including getting it in and out of the car). Find one that you can push with one hand and has enough storage underneath for your double diaper bag. A popular choice you may want to consider is the City Select Baby Jogger.

You can’t expect to walk everywhere you need to go, so you also need a vehicle that is big enough and safe enough to transport your family. This means you need a minivan that is convenient and flexible. The Chrysler Pacifica has Stow ‘N Go seats to accommodate your family’s needs and even has an environmentally-friendly hybrid plugin option. Not only can the Pacifica fit multiple kids, but you also have enough room to store your stroller and everything else you need for a day out.

Don’t Buy Two of Everything

You may be looking at your carefully-planned budget and wondering how you’re going to afford double the baby items. Don’t fear — you don’t really need two of everything. Only buy two of what you need, such as car seats and high chairs. Let your babies share what they can, including clothes, bibs, blankets and other interchangeable items. However, as they get a little older, you may want to buy two of their toys to avoid any fights.

Enjoy the Attention

Expect to get a lot of attention when you’re out on the town with multiple babies. People will ask you questions about having twins and tell you their own twin stories. Instead of getting annoyed, enjoy the attention and love people are giving your babies. This will only last a short period of time, so just consider it part of the multiple parenting experience.

You still have a lot to learn as a new parent, but it will go by faster than you can imagine. Soak up every moment with your precious babies and do the best you can. Just remember, being a parent of multiples doesn’t just come with extra diapers, it also comes with extra love.

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