5 Things You Probably Do Not Know About Newborns

As a new parent to be, you have probably read all of the parenting books you could get your hands on. The nursery room is likely already prepped and ready for a newborn to call their own. You might have already packed your bags for the hospital, expecting the baby to come anytime soon. Your anticipation is driving your crazy too to bring this bundle of joy home anytime now.

There are a few things you need to know about newborns before you start your life as a parent. Here are 5 things you probably do not know about newborns.

The connection might not be there right away

It’s a new chapter of your life and sometimes it might not be an instant connection. Many parents might immediately bond with their new children, but for some parents and newborns it takes time to develop. There is a lot that comes with a newborn after all with the hungry, pooping, screaming, and waking you up constantly. It can be emotional, but give it time to grow and connect with your newborn.

There’s going to be a lot of poop and you’re going to think about it a lot too

As a new parent you’ll be asking yourself a million questions about poop. Is it often enough? Is it too often? What color is okay or isn’t okay? Is my baby constipated? The questions are endless, but it’s something you should keep an eye on. A baby’s bowel movement helps show if their health is like.

There will be guilt, lots of it maybe

Being a parent comes with guilt sometimes, especially about the decisions you are making. Don’t worry, this is part of the parenthood job. You’ll second guess yourself about the choices you are making with your newborn and as your child gets older or when you have more. It’s okay though to not be perfect, you are doing your best as a parent. And that’s all that matters.

Your washer and drier is going to be working overtime

There’s going to be a lot of messes not just on your newborn’s clothes, but also yours. There will be blowouts and spit-ups on your newborn’s clothes that will need to be thrown in the washer and drier multiple times a day. Somehow the messes will end up on your clothes and you are not sure how they got there. Be prepared to clean everything and have your washer and drier working overtime.

There’s a lot of advice out there

From the latest parenting books to current parents and your own parents, they will be giving you a lot of advice on parenthood. There will be recommendations on diapering changing, sleeping, breast-feeding, disciplining your child, what baby gear you should buy, and so much more. Feel free to take whatever advice you want and what you feel will help you be the parent you want to be for your children.

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