5 Not Too Sweet Treats for the Kids

Who says you can’t have dessert first? It’s okay to let the kids break the rules once in a while by giving them something sweet. The sweets don’t have to be something too sugary when they have a craving for something indulgent.

Here are 5 treats that are not too sweet for your kids to snack on.

5-Minute Mango Sorbet (made in a blender) from Perry’s Plate

Fruit Pizza Crackers from Homemade Ginger

Berry Yogurt Cones from California Giant Berry Farms

Apricot and Almond No-Bake Energy Bites from Slice of Kitchen Life

Banana Chia Seed Pudding Recipe from Reboot with Joe

What are some not-too-sweet snacks you make for your kids? Share below with us in the comments!

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