How to Throw an Engagement Party for Your Daughter


There will come a time when your daughter is set to marry and giving on of the best engagement rings. It’s exciting for the whole family, and for a mother, it can be extremely overwhelming. Your daughter, who you’ve nurtured and looked after their whole life, is about to commit and spend the rest of their life with their future husband. You want the day to be faultless, and you want them to have exactly what they’ve dreamt off. From the proposal to the big day, you’re there, willing to help and offer a hand – whether it be literal or financial. After all, your child’s wedding is as much of a big day for you, as it is for your daughter.

Therefore, throwing them an unforgettable engagement party is essential. Traditionally, the bride-to-be’s parents are supposed to host the event, however, many couples themselves will band with the groom’s parents or the couple themselves will host. If you’re wanting to stick to traditions, here’s how to throw a beautiful engagement party for your daughter.

Pick a Theme

Speak to your daughter and decide a theme together. You want them to be happy, and although you’re the host, you want the bride-to-be to enjoy her celebrations. The theme needs to be decided before the invites are sent out, so your guests can dress for the occasion; it can also help you determine the décor and the food. Themes to consider are a lowkey Boho affair, or if your soon-to-be son-in-law has browsed a collection of eye-catching emerald engagement rings and proposed with one, a greenery themed engagement party could be more apt. Think green, wreath-like flower crowns, table centerpieces and flower arrangements.

Alternatively, a natural, greenery theme could be applied to the actual wedding.

Find a Venue

If your daughter wishes for a lowkey event, then a backyard event could be ideal. To make it more glamorous, hang some fairy lights and lanterns; place some comfortable chairs outside, and light some candles in mason jars. For food, bring out a large, natural wooden table and decorate it with flowers and greenery for candle centerpieces.

If your daughter wishes for something more up-market, then look to hire out a venue. Barns are popular, as are cabins. Favorite restaurants are also a winner. If you’re hiring out a venue, make sure you factor in time for decorating the place before guests arrive, and discuss whether they can cater for the event. If not, you’ll have to find a caterer.

Hire a Caterer

Determining the food can be difficult. You want to serve something easy, but you also want it to be delicious. Usually, people opt for gourmet finger food, so they can socialize while eating. Foods such as tacos, bruschetta or cupcakes can be both delicious and refined. You do not need a sit down, five-course meal at an engagement party, it’s a time to be up and about, mingling with friends or family you haven’t seen in a while or ever met before.

Pick a Dress

This is perfect opportunity to bond with your daughter. Although it’s their big day, that doesn’t mean you, the mother-of-the-bride, cannot look great yourself. Make sure you don’t upstage her and go shopping together. Invite close family and friends, and the mother of the groom. Try on dresses with the bride-to-be, pick out jewelry, and ensure you look good without the blunder of upstaging her. Turn a shopping trip into another means of celebration – go out for lunch and cocktails.

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