Special Experiences to Enjoy as a Long-Term Couple

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When you’ve been together for what seems like forever, it’s all too easy to take your partner for granted. That is clearly a mistake. Even in situations where you’ve just experienced the birth of a second child in the family, having time together still matters. Neglecting each other never works in the medium to long-term because it causes resentments to build and creates a noticeable distance that is difficult to close later on.

Here we suggest a few special experiences to enjoy as a couple.

Date Night Plus

The idea of date night is a great one, but it’s also become a little stale and predictable. Taking your wife out to her favorite restaurant or treating him to his favorite barbecue joint with the best rack of ribs is great and all, but it gets to be obvious after a while.

To inject some much-needed spontaneity back into the relationship (it was there originally, right?!) some creative thought is required. What did you do together as a younger couple that you’ve forgotten about or neglected? Is there something in your state or the next one over that your partner would never expect to experience? Coming up with ideas for a more original date night shows kindness, thought and planning that’s more than a reservation at your favorite restaurant that you’ve been to fifty times already.

A Romantic Vacation

There’s nothing like a romantic vacation to reinvigorate a long-term relationship or marriage. Trips that let the couple be together more often in a romantic setting set the right tone and encourage greater intimacy that can continue when returning home. 

The types of things that work well for a touchy-feely vacation include candle-lit meals, beautiful scenery, time to get away from the crowds to be alone, and creating memorable moments to cherish. Not every vacation meets this ideal, but the ones that do surely invigorate a relationship while reinvigorating both people on the trip.

The most important thing is that the vacation type should appeal to both partners. It is no good planning a trek up a mountain range if your wife has no interest in doing so, even if it’s been a dream of yours for years. Discussions should take place to find a happy medium of shared interests and separate ones to find the vacation type that will be a great fit.

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Special Events

A special event can be a concert, a play or going to the theater. Even a sporting team that you both share a love for is a possibility, but certainly not for partners who don’t enjoy sports. Tickets are difficult to buy once they’ve all been sold within minutes of going up for sale. It’s a good thing that ticketsales.com resells tickets to people who want good seats for concerts and other events that are likely already sold out.

Staying together over many years is not the easiest thing to do. Every relationship takes careful nurturing, care, consideration, acts of kindness, and love to succeed. Along with this are the little actions and thoughts about your partner that show that you care and were thinking of them. Actions always speak more than words. Take some action to show your love today.

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