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Keeping the house clean with a family seems almost impossible. I strongly feel this way since I have six children of my own (I count my husband because I always feel like I’m picking up after him too!) who seem to leave every piece of clothing on the ground, pile their shoes by the front door, and anything else they can find to make a mess.

One of the places within my own home I do not like to clean is the bathroom. It quickly gets dirty. There are so many tiny cracks and surfaces to wipe down it seems. However, I found some tips online that I’m going to try out and see if it helps keep my time cleaning in a bathroom shorter!

Here are some quick bathroom cleaning tips you should check out.

One Good Thing

Clean your bathroom from top to bottom within 15 to 20 minutes with these easy steps from One Good Thing.

If you have time during the day you should try doing the following:

  • Wipe out the sink
  • Wipe the toilet seat and rim
  • Clean the toilet bowl with a brush
  • Wipe down the mirror and counters

During the week or over other week is what I like to do you can do the following:

  • Scrub the tub or shower down
  • Scrub the tiles or mop the floor
  • Wipe down the doorknobs and light switches
  • Empty the garbage out

Here are some supplies I like to keep within the bathroom for a quick access or just to have in my cleaning basket.

  • Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean sinks, tubs, counter tops, and outside of the toilet.
  • Squeegee for cleaning the shower door.
  • Windex for cleaning the mirrors and sometimes shower doors.
  • Bleach or all purpose clean to use on the toilet brush to clean the toilet bowl.
  • Mr Clean all purpose cleaners for cleaning the doors, doorknobs, bathroom counter tops, and more.

What are some ways you clean your household bathrooms? Share your cleaning tips below with us!

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  1. I try not to use any Clorox because I don’t like to use things that cause fumes or are not natural. I use a natural spray for cleaning and for the mirror.

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