Moms Should Vacation in Sweden


As a mom who has recently traveled to Stockholm and other parts of Sweden on an unforgettable international vacation, I can only recommend that other moms do the same if they ever get the chance.

But before I cover the top five attractions you won’t want to miss in Sweden, just a little advice in regard to transportation. Arlanda International Airport lies 23 miles east of Stockholm proper and is used by some 25 million passengers per year. Bromma and Skavsta airports are also crowded and in places where you will need professional transport.

To streamline my trip and prevent any delays or mishaps, I booked Taxi Stockholm online well in advance. They took me straight from my terminal to the resort I stayed at in a comfortable mini-van. My airport transfer was truly quick, easy, and hassle-free.


Once settled, I embarked on my Swedish adventure. Here are the top five destinations I visited:

1. Drottningholm Palace on Lovo Island

Drottningholm Palace is the current residence of Sweden’s beloved royal family, and it is within easy reach for tourists, being less than 10 miles west of Stockholm. The architecture is absolutely stunning, and the surroundings are beautiful. And besides the opulence and the aura of royalty, there is the on-site Palace Theater and Theater Museum.

2. Stockholm’s Vasa Museum

This museum is very unique and very popular among the millions who visit Sweden every year. It houses the remains of the Vasa, an old wooden Swedish Navy ship that sank back in 1628. Entering the museum is like being transported back in time, and you will walk through 10 separate exhibits before you have seen it all.

3. The Viking Village of Sigtuna

No trip to Sweden would be complete without some attention given to those rowdy Medieval raiders we call the Vikings. Sigtuna is the first true town ever settled in Sweden, and it has a Viking heritage that its stone buildings and winding streets tell quite vividly. But you can also see the churches erected in the Middle Ages, after Christianization, walk along the green shores of Lake Malaren, and pick up unique souvenirs and trinkets at the numerous shops.

4. The Liseberg Theme Park

If you bring kids with you, or if you are still a kid at heart, stop by this sprawling and unforgettable Swedish theme park. You will see a castle straight out of a fairy tale, the kids can ride on idyllic carousels, and you can ride a thrillingly rapid roller coaster. Also stop to see a concert in the summer months or visit the market during the Yuletide. And there is no shortage of eateries nearby offering authentic Swedish cuisine.

5. Tour Stockholm by Boat

Finally, understand that Stockholm is a city set on numerous lakes and filled with thousands of islands. A boat tour around town and past the numerous, quaint little summer houses on islands in the lakes is a must. In the downtown area, you can hop on a “Stromma boat” for a tour of the city, but you can find ready-made tours that will take you all over the metro area to the natural and manmade attractions. There are many stop off points, and you can get on and off as you please, up to a point, to create your own itinerary.

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