Little Things Happy Couples Do Every Day

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Why are some couples so happy? How do they manage to stay happy all the time? This might be the question in your mind when you see couples that put all the Fairytale princesses and their princes to shame. You can write your very own fairytale, if you also do the following things that happy couples do.

They actually talk to each other

Couples who talk and express their feelings clearly, also clear the air of misunderstanding. They do not complain or nag and point out the other’s faults. You should talk to each other about your day which will make you more involved and understand each other’s moods.

They cultivate common hobbies

Sharing the same interests will bring you closer. You can’t, of course, be suddenly obsessed with football, nor can he start enjoying your favorite soap overnight. You can find something you both like, like cooking gourmet meals together or even volunteering for a good cause, or go for dance classes or join the gym. Happy couples love to spend time with each other.

They cuddle

Sex is certainly important and a bad sex life does affect relationships. But just cuddling up to your partner and smelling them (according to research), actually does wonders for a relationship! Next time, you feel insecure, do cuddle up to your partner. It’s proven to drive away insecurities.

They kiss and hug

Couples who seem to be in love always, also kiss and hug a lot. Affection and attraction, both play a role in this, and not getting enough physical touch may lead to unhappy relationships. Or indicate that at least one of you is not happy, and may even reach the point of contacting the family lawyers.

They can laugh together

It’s quite clichéd, but humour is attractive in a man (or woman as the case may be). If you can laugh at the most lamest jokes your partner makes, you’ve passed the test of true love. Being able to laugh or to make each other laugh, eases tensions and works great for relationships, and increases the bonding between the couple. Besides, no one wants to be with a person who’s grumpy all the time!

Their phones are off

You spend quite some time apart due to work. When you are together, switch off the phone and get off the internet. The person in front of you is more important than your Facebook friends or the latest Twitter update. Many people can’t stay away from their phones / social media and this actually puts a strain on the relationship, as their partners feels ignored or bored.

Happy couples are not shy to express their affection in public. PDA doesn’t mean you have to be all over each other in public, but it could be just holding hands, random hugs and maybe a little peck, but both are comfortable with each other, which is actually happiness is – being able to be yourself with your better / other half.

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