Keep Your Children Safe in the Backseat

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As a parent you know your child should be sitting in the backseat. The warning sign on the sun visor of your vehicle tells you this important safety information. The backseat is determined to be the safest spot for your children under the age of 13 since this is the most secure spot away from the air bags. Children under the age of 13 can be severely hurt by airbags.

Your child’s safety is important, especially against those on the road driving you cannot control. Follow these simple steps to help you protect your precious cargo and keep safe in the backseat.

Secure loose items

If you are to suddenly slam onto your breaks your seatbelt is likely to keep you secured in your seat and from slamming forward. However, the items that are not secured in the car will move forward at the speed you are going. These items include bags, water bottles, toys, electronics, and more. Make sure you store any loose items, especially sharp objects. This can help keep your children safer from injuries.

Use the right seat for your children

Your children will be switching back and forth with their car seats multiple times it feels like. Knowing when it’s the right time and right position to change your child’s car seat is absolutely important.

A reliable source to know what is the right car seat for you is from American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Here is some information below to consider. You should also check out this article from Healthy Children about Safety Information on Cat Seats.

Healthy Children

Choose the best spot

The middle seat might seem like the best position to put your child since it is away from a potential impact but it actually is not. The side seats within the back of the car are considered to be one of the safest as long as your children is secured properly. It is always best to refer to your car’s manual to make sure that car seat works properly in that position with holding it.

Be aware of recalls and when to upgrade

If the straps of the car seat are tearing or anything else that does not work properly like it should with the car seat, then it is time to replace it. As tempting as it might be to buy a used car seat, sometimes it is not the best decision. The safety parts of the car seat can be damaged or even recalled.  This doesn’t mean you cannot use a used car seat, but just ensure you know the history of the car seat. As well, any recalled car seats should be upgraded. Visit to keep update on car seat recalls and more.

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