How to Get a Great Looking Garden That’s Low Maintenance

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Gardens are wonderful spaces to have, for the children to play in, for you to unwind and relax in after a busy day, to eat al fresco in the summer and enjoy seeing the plants grow and smell so sweetly.

But as we all know, they can be tiresome and high maintenance. So what can you do to have the perfect, multipurpose garden, that is low maintenance?

Well to find out what is sustainable and what isn’t, you should first work out how much time you can dedicate to your garden – this will give you an idea of what you can and can’t do.


The main focal point of any garden is the lawn. If the rest of the garden in looking a little unloved or shabby or you just haven’t had time to sort it out, then make sure your lawn has been cut and the edges are cut also.

If you have had more time, then weeding throughout the warmer weather, and aerating it in the spring will help produce a healthier lawn.

Alternatively, you could always look into having an artificial lawn. They have come a heck of a long way since the 70’s astro turf and they actually look like a proper, well cared for lawn.

They are extremely low maintenance and you’ll no longer have to worry about mowing it, weeding or watering it. And, in the winter you can still use it without worrying about it getting damaged, and more importantly no more more muddy footprints.

But what about pets fouling on it? Fear not, it won’t ruin it, all you have to do is pick up and dispose of the mess and use the hose to wash any residue away.

What’s not to love about an artificial lawn? It certainly will get the neighbors envious of your perfectly green lawn.

A lot of the work in the garden will consist of weeding flowerbeds and the lawn, pruning and deadheading. If you mulch flowerbeds this will help to suppress the weeds and make your life that little bit easier.

Planting shrubs instead of perennials can be time saving too, and once established require less watering too. In the first year of planting, all new plants whether flowers, trees or hedges will require regular watering more than any other time in their life.

Avoid the following:

  • Plant pots

We’re not saying don’t have plant pots, just not tons of them that will need constant attention.

  • Fast growing hedges

These will need more attention with trimming more regularly, especially if you’re wanting to keep your hedge at a particular height and width.

To find out what sort of hedging is suitable for your garden, why take a look at Hopes Grove Nurseries website for more information?

  • Planting the wrong plant in the wrong spot

Plants have their own particular needs, like us mere humans. Some prefer full sunlight to shade and others like well drained soil. If you plant a plant in the wrong type of soil or location then you’ll spend more time trying to help it survive. Do your research, there is lot’s of information available across the internet to help you decide.

Paving slabs

You may be tempted to patio your garden to help cut back time, but this will also take up your time.

Weeds can still appear through the cracks of the patio and it will need cleaning also.

If your patio isn’t well looked after, cracks can start to appear within the slabs, causing these to be dangerous as well as looking ugly.

Hanging baskets

If you’d prefer to not have a flower bed but a few pots, then hanging baskets are also a great way to bring colour into your garden and are so simple to put together. Or you can always buy pre-made one’s from a local garden centre. All you have to do is hang them and water them a few times a week. Depending on how many you want and where you are putting them, you can create a glorious, artistic display, playing with different heights and colours of flowers. You can even get plants that will grow to cascade from the basket, creating a feature in itself.

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