5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Senses


Every good parent wants to protect their child from the dangers of the world. There is no better feeling than the one you get from seeing your child completely happy and healthy. Taking care of your child can be especially difficult when they are at a young age. You may find that your little one is interested in everything and doesn’t necessarily understand why some things have to be off limits. At this early stage of exploration, it is important that you work hard to protect your child’s five senses. They are just learning to use them, so they won’t always know what’s safe and what isn’t. Below are five ways for you to protect your child’s senses.


Protecting your child’s hearing is vitally important. Their ability to hear you, and the rest of the world, will have a huge impact on their developing communication skills. If something interferes with their hearing, you may find that their ability to learn new words is stunted. They may also have difficulty interacting with the world around them. One threat to your child’s hearing is the possibility that they might place foreign objects in their ear. This may sound strange to an adult, but for a child that is learning about its body, this is completely natural. If the worst happens, make sure that you’re prepared. At CareNow you can find out what to do in this situation.


Another way that your child explores the world is via sight. Make sure that their eyes are protected at all costs. When they are out in the sun, they should be wearing sun glasses and taught the importance of not looking directly up at the sky. Your child should also not be regularly exposed to screens. Too much technology could result in them straining their eyes. This is problematic at any age, but especially worrying for those who are young and still developing. If they suffer from allergies in their eyes, purchase appropriate eye drops.


Protect your child’s sense of smell by limiting the amount of harsh odours that they are exposed to. Make sure that your laundry detergent is gentle and consider buying one that is specifically made with children in mind. Also, try to avoid heavy perfumes and colognes as these strong smells can irritate your little one’s nose.


It is important that your kids understand what they should and shouldn’t touch as soon as possible. However, it is also important that you children are not held back when they are beginning to explore the world. That is why a careful balance must be struck. Your little ones must be advised of potential dangers, without being scared or discouraged.


Your child’s taste buds will be very sensitive at a young age. This is a key thing to remember when introducing them to new foods. It may seem like they are picky, but often they will be in shock at the wide range of tastes they are experiencing. If you are introducing your child to a new food, it is important to give them plenty of opportunities to make their mind up. Instead of giving up on a food item entirely, or forcing your little one to eat it. Make a list of items that you want to try again. Leave it a few weeks, then reintroduce the ingredient. If your child struggles to eat it by itself, why not incorporate it into another dish? Another way to protect your child’s sense of taste is by making sure that you are serving them food at the correct temperature. Rather than spread germs by blowing on the food, consider the different ways that you can ensure your child’s food is not too hot for them.

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