The Power of Hugs

There is no doubt a hug makes us feel food. When we are feeling disappointed or down, a warm hug can alleviate some of that pain we are feeling. Even during times, we are happy we want to share some of that joy by giving others a hug.

Hugs are also known to have other benefits besides feeling warm. Science says that a 20 second hug or more can help a child grow happier, smarter, and closer to a parent.

Here are some benefits of hugging.

Hugs help kids grow

Hugging is known for trigging the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin is known as the love hormone, which as many important effects on our body. Growth stimulation is one of them.

Temper tantrums can be stopped by hugging

We all know how temper tantrums can be aggravating. However, our young toddlers aren’t being stubborn they are just not in control of their emotions yet. Hugging your child during a temper tantrum has been shown to help toddlers deal the overwhelming emotions and avoid crashing.

Happy kids are made with hugs

Receiving a hug makes us feel happy thanks to the release of oxytocin. The love hormone, as mentioned before, gives us a good feeling when released during a hug. Kids are able to feel more optimistic and it helps boost their self-esteem.

Hugs create a bond with your kids

Hugging your kids increases secure attachment by improving your connection with your child. It increases their trust with you by reducing their fear.

Make sure you give your child a very big bear hug today.

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