What to Do If Your Teenager Gets a Traffic Ticket

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Getting a traffic ticket is never pleasant. When your teen suddenly receives one, it’s an entirely different experience all-together because they face stricter regulations and more severe penalties than adults. The instances where your teen would be issued a ticket are: violating a restriction on their driver’s license, having no proof of insurance when asked for it, and speeding. These scenarios have more impact on a teen’s driving record considering they are still young drivers. As a parent, it’s best to be prepared to help them combat the consequences of their traffic ticket.

This is what you can do if your teenager gets a traffic ticket.

Contest the ticket in court

Your teen can testify against the citation with or without an attorney under your discretion. However, to testify in court, you must possess evidence that can aid in dismissing the citation. Evidence to bring may be photographic or video evidence of the alleged incident, a witness to the teen’s driving actions, and any other physical information that can help your teen’s standing. However, if the teen was guilty in severely violating their license restrictions or the law, it is inevitable to avoid the consequences. They need to unfortunately suffer penalties on their driving record and you as a parent will have to pay their fines and increased insurance rates.

Consider sending them to traffic school

A good alternative that can prevent penalties on a teen’s driving record is to make them attend traffic school for a certain time commitment to receive further driver’s education. While there is still a fee to pay for the classes, this can teach a teen to be more careful with their driving and refresh their mind on state laws. Hopefully, during this time in driving school, your teen can absorb and take note of every lesson that is taught to never make the same mistake twice.

Remind them about the importance of safety and following the law

Every teenager hates to be told the same thing more than once, but considering this situation, the subject is of the utmost importance. When a teen first gets their driver’s license, they are three times more likely than the average adult to get into an accident or get a ticket. Because a teen is a fresh and young driver on the road, they can get a bit carried away with speeding or squeezing by violations.

Being safe and mature when driving should be a teen’s top priority. They should know that not only will their driving habits permanently show on their records, but every other person on the road will be affected by them as well. Pedestrians, motorcyclists, truck drivers, and every individual operating an automobile are all a part of the driving experience. It’s vital to be considerate towards all these people. For example, pedestrians always have the right of way, motorcyclists are more prone to hide in your blind spots, and large trucks have more severe blind spots than the normal driver.

By equipping your teen with reminders and this knowledge, it enables them to be a better driver that makes the best decisions on the road. In conclusion, traffic tickets are avoidable – but only if your teen is willing to put in the effort to be a safe and respectful driver.

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