Six Reasons to Get a Dog for Your Children

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There is plenty of evidence to suggest that getting a pet can be a wonderful experience for children. Pets don’t only provide companionship; they can teach children about responsibility, compassion, and even help to improve their social skills. In addition, having a pet can also improve your little one’s health; numerous studies have shown that children who are brought up around dogs, cats, and other pets tend to have stronger immune systems and are less prone to contracting infections and diseases. We’ve listed some of the best reasons why adding a dog to your family is the perfect idea when getting a new pet.

1. Dogs Provide Friendship

When you get a dog, one of the main things that you will be able to count on them for is being a loyal friend. When you take care of a dog and give him the love and attention that he requires to thrive, he will reward you with undying loyalty in return. Dogs can be the perfect friend for your child at home; they don’t mind playing boisterously and many breeds of dog are patient and kind, which is perfect for families with small children. A dog is a friend who will always be there for your child, even if the weather’s bad outside or their neighborhood friends are away on vacation.

2. Encourage Exercise

Whilst playing outside is still a fun activity for many children today, an increasing number of kids are spending more and more time indoors using their gadgets instead. Of course, being fluent with modern technology is an important skill for your child to have in the digital world of today, but you also don’t want them to miss out on some of the health benefits of good old-fashioned outdoor play, such as increased exercise and more fresh air leading to a lower risk of childhood obesity and a stronger immune system. With their dog by their side, your child can have tons of fun playing outside. See the Fast Dogs go dog go automatic ball launcher review for just one great idea for a fun outdoor game your little ones can play with their dog.

3. Help with Learning Responsibility

Teaching your children about responsibilities at a young age will help them to grow into more mature and well-rounded young adults. Owning a pet, specifically a dog, can be an excellent way of teaching your children about responsibility in a hands-on way. When they are responsible for caring for their dog, your little ones will quickly learn that their pet is completely reliant on them when it comes to getting fed, watered, and exercised. Getting a dog for your children can help them to understand what it means to be responsible for something, and they will quickly learn about what they need to do to ensure that their dog is well-cared for and happy. As a result, they may grow up to become young people and adults who are more caring and empathetic towards others, along with always taking their responsibilities seriously.

4. Reduces Anxiety, Stress, and Behavioral Problems

With an increasing amount of pressure today on kids when it comes to performing well in school, it’s no surprise that many children are suffering from heightened levels of stress and anxiety. Although most parents will do as much as they can to shield their children from becoming stressed out, it often cannot be helped. However, having a pet dog can go a long way when it comes to managing the symptoms of stress and anxiety in children. Dogs tend to have a sixth sense when it comes to picking up on their human’s emotions, which is why more and more people who suffer with mental health issues are turning to emotional support dogs for help. A cuddle with their dog will help your child relax by releasing crucial endorphins and neurotransmitters in the brain that are essential for mood regulation and relaxation.

5. Promote Emotional Development

Along with aiding to relieve the symptoms of stress, anxiety and certain behavioral problems, having a family dog can also help to further the emotional development of your children. Simply being in the company of a friendly and loving pet dog who loves them back unconditionally can help to uplift your children’s moods and create a more positive atmosphere in the home. If you have more than one child, then sharing a common love for their pet can also help to strengthen the bond between siblings. Along with this, by becoming more involved with tasks that are necessary to properly care for and look after their dog, children can often see improvements in self-confidence and self-esteem. Simply having a dog there can work wonders from your child’s self-esteem, since knowing that no matter what, you will always be the most important person in the world to your dog is a wonderful boost.

6. Improve Overall Health

When you think about bringing a dog into your home, you might be worried about the dirt and germs that they could be bringing in with them, and the effect that this could have on your family’s health. However, numerous studies have confirmed that growing up around dogs can be beneficial to the health of a child, by exposing them to germs and bacteria that will strengthen their immune system and make it easier for them to fight off certain diseases and infections. In addition, some studies have shown that being around dogs in childhood can actually lower the risk of your child developing respiratory conditions such as asthma. Couple this with the increased exercise that your child will be getting from going outside to walk their dog regularly, and your new family pet could be the best thing that has happened to their health.

These are just some of the reasons to get a dog for your little ones! Do you have a dog as your family pet? Or, are you considering getting one? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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