How to Restore a Senior’s Independence

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Aging is a natural part of life. Unfortunately, as we grow older, many people often struggle with mobility and performing basic activities, with problems multiplying over time.

Unfortunately, this can often damage an elder’s self-esteem, as they may long for the physical freedom they once had. For this reason, we are looking at how to restore a senior’s independence.

Create a Safe Environment

The best way to ensure a senior can continue to live independently is by creating a safe environment for them to do so. It is essential to conduct a safety assessment of their home to reduce the likelihood of a fall or accident. For instance, you should check or install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Level any uneven floors or steps, and ensure every room can be well-lit at night. Don’t forget to limit any obstructed pathways and remove any tripping areas, such as a rug.

Downsize a Home

Does your loved one live in a large house alone? If so, it might be wise for a senior to downsize their home to one floor. A smaller home will reduce the risk of accidents, as they will be in close proximity to a living space, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom on one floor, and they will not have to climb any difficult stairs.

A Portable Bidet

A lack of mobility can often cause unwanted accidents for an elderly person, which can damage their self-confidence and strip away a person’s dignity. Fortunately, an elder can have a little more freedom to move with a portable bidet. Aquarius Hygiene provides a wide range of portable bidet products, which can boost their confidence and independence.

Boost Their Brain Power

Living with physical limitations may cause a senior to become depressed, as it can reduce their self-esteem. If a loved one is not very mobile, there are ways you can improve their spirits and independence by boosting their brain power. For instance, they can embrace a hobby, such as crafting, or they can play board and card games. There are many activities that can help to improve a person’s quality of life, even if they struggle to make their way from A to B.

Start Exercising

Did you know that physical activity may help maintain a senior’s ability to live independently? Regular exercise can also prevent the development of heart disease, lower a senior’s blood pressure and can reduce their risk of a fall.

The exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous. A short walk is sometimes all that is needed to improve a senior’s mobility. There are also instructional videos they can undertake to enjoy a low-impact, relaxing exercise, such as yoga.

An Emergency Lifeline

Technology has helped to improve elder independence. In the event of an emergency, a senior can press a button on a wearable device, which can send a real-time alert to a dispatch center, who will alert the authorities on their behalf. Not only that, but it can send an automatic alert to a family member or friend.

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