5 Tips on Choosing Your Child’s First Big Kid Bed

It is probably hard to believe, but that little infant you brought home from the hospital seemingly yesterday is now a robust toddler who runs everywhere instead of walks, talks non-stop and hops out of his or her crib on most nights.

It sounds like it is time to go shopping for a big kid bed.

In order to make this milestone as fun and stress-free as possible — both for you and your little one — check out the following tips and suggestions.

Skip the toddler bed

While you might be tempted to purchase a cute and character-themed toddler bed that still uses the crib mattress, it is probably a good idea to skip this expense. The super-small mattress makes it hard for you to lie down with your child either at bedtime or when he is under the weather, and you will end up having to buy a bigger bed frame in the next year or two anyway.

Go for a twin size

A twin or extra-long twin are both great options for little boys and girls who are ready to go from a crib to a big kid bed. They are a great size for young children and will not have them feeling overwhelmed in a huge bed, like a full or queen mattress might do. As a bonus, most of the adorable kid-themed sheets come in a twin size — so if your child is determined to have a Thomas the Tank Engine, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig themed bed, chances are very good that the sheets will come in a twin and not a larger size.

Shop around for mattresses

Of course, not all twin mattresses are created equally; some are traditional innerspring beds, some have memory foam and others are a foam/gel combination. Head to a local store or two with your toddler and let her try out the various twin mattresses to see which one offers the most support and comfort. Depending on her communication skills, ask her which ones she thinks feel the best when she is lying down. Once you have a good idea of what bed will be best for your child, you can order it in the brick and mortar store, or you can also look for an even better deal online.

A few words on price

As you are out shopping for a new bed for your child, please do not assume that a higher price means the mattress will be better quality. On the flip side, try to steer away from the uber-cheap brands that may not provide the support your growing child needs. Chances are good this mattress will last your toddler into his tween years, so you want a great quality bed that can last.

Helping your child feel safe and secure

After the security of a crib, going to an open big kid bed can be daunting, even for the most outgoing and brave of tots. When shopping for and talking about getting the new bed, be positive and enthusiastic and let your little one help choose which sheets and comforter she wants. You may also consider letting him pick out a new stuffed animal that will share the new bed with him, and look into a set of safety railings for the bed that will keep your kiddo from falling out of the new bed onto the floor.

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