Simple and Smart Ways to Cut Back on Household Expenses

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Does it seem like your household’s expenses are going up on a yearly basis as of late, yet there’s really nothing new, extra, or different to show for it? There’s no question, household expenses are on the rise, as are the cost of goods and services. The problem is usually that salaries don’t seem to keep up. So what can you do to cut back on household expenses without making too big a sacrifice? Here’s a look at some simple and smart ways you can make cuts.

Look at Your Cable TV Bill

The cable TV bill isn’t something that most people pay much attention to. It comes in, you know you have to pay it, and that’s pretty much it. If you’ve been with the same provider for a while now, there’s a good chance that you’re actually overpaying for your cable. In fact, cable may not even be the best way to go. Today, there are all kinds of satellite TV bundles that rival the top cable providers such as at&t plans.

Doing a little research about the companies that provide service to your area is a great start. Look into bundling packages, too, as this can sometimes save even more money. For example, there is the bundle and save with DIRECTV deal that is sure to put a little cash back in your wallet.

Adjust the Hot Water Heater Temperature

Yes, everyone loves a hot shower, but did you ever think about how much money you are spending to heat up that water? It is estimated that around 14% of the total energy costs in your home are because of your hot water heater. A great tip is to turn the temperature down by just a couple of degrees. This will save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

The cost involved to heat and cool your home can be rather significant, which is why a programmable thermostat can end up being a big money saver. You can program a set temperature during the day when everyone is at work/school, at night when people are sleeping, and on weekends when you are home. You won’t have to remember to manually adjust it and these slight changes to the temperature setting can really add up in cost savings.

Make Sure Appliances are Energy Star Rated

If you’re not using Energy Star rated appliances then you are needlessly wasting money on your utility bills. While it’s probably not in the budget to go buy all new appliances, you do want to be sure that as they need replacing you purchase the energy efficient models.

Start Clipping Coupons

Grocery shopping can be a huge expense, especially in a household with a couple of kids. A good tip is to start clipping coupons and taking advantage of sales whenever possible. Rather than planning your meals out in advance based on what you feel like eating or cooking, you can base them around what’s on sale that week.

Small Savings Here and There Add Up

While each of these tips may seem like a small saving, once you start adding them all up it can result in some pretty significant savings for you and your family.

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