Mondly for Kids Review: Your Go-To App for Your Kid’s Language-Learning

If you’re like most parents, you would want the best for your kids. You’d want them to be in tip-top condition, you’d want them to have the best job opportunities when they grow up, and you’d most certainly want them to get the best education.

I don’t blame you.

With how competitive the world has become, no matter which industry your child would want to operate in the future, the chances are good that the competition they’ll face is cutthroat.

And so the question becomes: How on earth do you give them an edge over their competitors?

While there are several ways to go about that, I’d like to offer you one solution —  have them learn new languages.

Why learn a new language?

Here’s the thing. From a practical perspective, if your child knows how to speak foreign languages, he or she would be able to communicate with and relate to people from other countries with different cultures. This would translate into your child being able to find more work-related opportunities abroad.

More than that, recent studies have also shown a handful of physiological benefits that learning a foreign language can offer, such as protection against Alzheimer’s and Dementia, increasing self-control, and improving memory and cognitive performance.

You can read more about the benefits of learning a foreign language by clicking this link.

While learning a new language is fine and dandy, you may agree with a lot of moms out there that getting kids to commit to learning a new language in common educational settings may often be a difficult task to accomplish.

Your kids may feel that having another fixed learning schedule added into their current lifestyle would feel burdensome and discouraging to them.

At this point, you must be wondering: How then can your kids learn a new language without them having to join another class that eats up their time?

The answer is literally in the palm of your hands.

Mondly for Kids is the hit language-learning app that has won the hearts of many. This app is downloadable in the smartphones that you currently hold.

With the app installed on your kids’ phone, they can personally use the app to learn new languages at any time of the day.

Why Mondly for Kids?

As it stands, most language learning apps don’t often get that many downloads. In fact, other apps would be lucky to get over 100,000 downloads.

Guess what?

Mondly has garnered over 20 million downloads up-to-date. The app was developed by ATi Studios — a company that has been honing their craft of creating excellent language-learning apps for over five years.

That’s right! 20 million downloads.

The number alone speaks for itself on how this app is THE must have app for your kids.

In addition to the number of downloads that Mondly as a whole managed to accumulate, here’s what the actual users are saying about the app.

With over 200 user reviews on Google Play, Mondly for Kids reached a whopping 4.8 rating, proving that it is indeed the go-to app for language-learning that’s currently making waves in the market.

What does Mondly for Kids have to offer?

“Children are extremely different from adults when it comes to learning languages. They are tech-savvy and need to constantly be challenged and engaged otherwise they get bored. That’s why we decided to create a bespoke app to meet the unique needs of the younger language learners. Mondly for Kids is the result of our 5-year experience in creating educational apps downloaded by 20 million people in over 190 countries to date.” — Alexandru Iliescu (CEO and co-founder of ATi Studios)

More than just your cliche educational app that dumps blocks of information onto the minds of users, this app drops the bomb with its unique design and easy to digest learning features.

The app comes with jaw-dropping graphics and awe-inspiring sound effects, making the experience super fun and exciting for kids.

Beyond that, the app offers top-quality language-learning education, such as:

  • Learning new vocabularies using flashcards and fun word games for kids;
  • Improving your kid’s sentence construction by having them play around with phrases to form new sentences;
  • Helping your kids with their conversational skills by having them listen to pre-recorded interactive conversations by native speakers;
  • Improving your kid’s pronunciation by having them listen to professional voice actors;
  • The app also has “Verb Conjugators” — a unique, innovative in-app tool that makes learning the grammar of foreign languages easier than slicing butter with a hot knife.

How is Mondly for Kids different from other apps?

Now you may be thinking: This app may be like any other typical app out there. It may seem to have lots of features, but it’s still really limited in terms of content. Maybe this app only has 2-3 available language-lesson options like other language-learning apps?

Well, think again.

This app has 33 language options available.

Here’s a complete list of the 33 languages that your kids could easily learn from the app: American English, British English, French, Spanish, Hungarian, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Finnish, Polish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Dutch, Norwegian, Turkish, Persian, Danish, Swedish, Arabic, Korean, Romanian, Greek, Vietnamese, Croatian, Indonesian, Hindi, Hebrew, Japanese, Bulgarian, Czech, Afrikaans, and Thai.

Isn’t it amazing how the app offers a plethora of language options that your kids could choose from?

In addition to the language options, the app also covers several topics.

Here are the topics that the app covers: Animals, Nature, Fruits & Food, Parts of the body, Colors & Numbers, Family, School, Professions, Buildings, Leisure, and Sports.

With your kids learning these relevant topics in a different language, they’d be a step ahead of their peers in terms of linguistic skills and efficiency.

Where do I go from here?

You’ve read the article, you’ve read about the app, and you may be asking yourself: Will this app really click with the kids? Will it really be effective? Will THEY love it?

The best way to answer your questions is to have your kids try it out for themselves. You can download the app here on Google Play and iTunes.

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