What Makes The Perfect Family Home?

Your family home is your respite from the world, a place to keep your loved ones safe, watch your children grow and spend quality time together. But what makes the perfect family home? Maybe you’ve had a couple of children and your current property no longer works, or perhaps you’re searching for somewhere perfect before you start a family. Either way, here are a few things to look out for.

Spacious Kitchen

Family life is incredibly busy, and if you’re the person responsible for preparing food you’ll know what a monumental task it is! A good kitchen will give you space to prepare and cook food, store tools and equipment and plenty of room for good storage. A well-stocked pantry full of store cupboard essentials helps to keep family meals interesting without breaking the bank. Dried foods like rice, pasta, couscous and quinoa can be transformed into tasty dishes with some tinned or frozen vegetables, jars of sauces and dried herbs and spices. A large fridge freezer gives you plenty of space to store and organize your weekly essentials so you can make sure everyone is well fed on healthy and wholesome home cooked meals.


Large Garden

Having an adequate garden is essential for family life. It gives children and pets somewhere to run and play. It gives you enough space to host barbecues and garden parties. Plus you have space for children’s toys- paddling pools, swing sets, ball pits and more. A garden gives you extra space to utilize and enjoy when the weather is warm, and getting out or even just opening the door can prevent that feeling of being cooped up. The thing about gardens is you can’t do much about the size. While you can extend or rejig a homes layout, with gardens, you’re stuck with the size it is. So if it’s too small and is something you can’t get past, a house move might be on the cards. You could check out houses for sale in your local area and see what kind of thing is available in your budget.

Playroom or Chillout Area

This could be a spare bedroom, a conservatory or even a garden room. But an additional space for kids to play (and can be transformed into more of a ‘chillout zone’ when they get a bit older is useful. It helps to keep bedrooms and living areas clear of toys (or clearer, at least!) and gives them their own space to play and mess around without the worry of trashing the rest of the house. If you have a room, you could turn into something like that, some big comfy sofas with a tv for them to watch their movies and tv shows. Toy boxes or storage, a table for homework or sit down crafts. This is also useful if they don’t have very big bedrooms, and gives them somewhere they can take friends to play.

What kinds of features do you think the perfect family home contains?

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