DIY Waterproof Blanket

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I love going to my children’s sporting events to cheer them on and be a supporter while they are having a great time. It’s hard to avoid the bad weather though when you live in a cloudy and rainy state almost all year around. I am definitely not a fan when it rains and the seats are all wet or the grass is too damp to sit on.

Thanks to Hometalk there is a solution for my problem and maybe yours too. This DIY Waterproof Blanket is just want I need for any sporting event. The project is not expensive and truly easy to do for any DIY beginner. Not only does idea help me stay out of sitting on a damp blanket, it helps me enjoy more time watching my kids have a great time. I am able to focus more on the important things.

Click here to learn how to make your own DIY Waterproof Blanket.

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