7 Ways to Spoil Your Children

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Spoiled is often a term I thought of parents who just let their children do and say what they want without giving any consequences. I used to think parents with these kind of children were just bad parents. The truth is I was very wrong until I became a parent myself. I found out that some children can be challenging to discipline and might seem like it is helpless. Parenting does not come with a manually and learning how to navigate away from teaching your kid to not being spoiled can be hard.

Luckily we moms are able to come together and help one another out through parenthood. iMOM has written 7 Ways to Spoil Your Children. These seven ways were some of the things I was doing and avoiding my child to do because she was having a spoiled attitude. I learned that letting my child get her way was teaching her a bad habit. Avoiding these habits surely changed my daughter’s attitude after I started implementing them.

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