10 Amazing Yet Uncommon Uses for Bandanas

A simple item you never thought you could use for many things is always surprising. Vaseline is one of the items I was amazed at how many uses there are. Another item that you can use and is pretty handy is a bandana.

Here are 10 amazing yet uncommon uses for bandanas!

  1. Head wrap – Keeps you from getting burnt from the sun if you forget a hat.
  2. Pot holder – If you are hiking or camping this makes a great item to carry.
  3. Improvised bag – Tie together diagonal corners with square knots and you get a little pouch great for carrying small items.
  4. First Aid
    • Splint
    • Tourniquet
    • Ice Pack
  5. Hand wrap to prevent blisters with repetitive work.
  6. Signal flag if you get lost. Brightly colored bandanas work great for this.
  7. Towel, sponge, or napkin.
  8. Basket liner.
  9. Breathing mask for dusty and dirty environments.
  10. Water filter – Pour water through the bandana to filter our large debris. Boil the water before drinking.

Here are also 5 DIY projects with bandanas!

DIY Bandana Quilt from One Good Thing by Jillee

Bandana Party Favor from Kinzie Sue Designs & Kreations

DIY Baby Bandana Bib from Wine Country Mama

Patriotic Bandana Wreath from My Thrifty House

DIY Bandana Pillows from The Heathered Nest

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