What’s in My Diaper Bag?

Ok, so diaper bags are essential as a parent, but what is essential for a diaper bag? If you’ve never packed one of these bad boys you might feel a little overwhelmed. Where do you start? What will be dead weight and what can’t you live without? Fortunately for you, the wisdom of those who have gone before can help give you a starting place, and of course you can always add, subtract, and adapt as you go along.

Here is a list of things I wouldn’t leave out of my diaper bag:

Diapers – Let’s face it, without these it’s not a diaper bag. Just a plain old bag.

Wipes – Either a travel pack or a dozen in a ziplock bag. I’ll leave uses to your imagination.

Hand Sanitizer – See above.

Changing Pad – If your diaper bag didn’t come with one, you can purchase one separately. You may also consider disposable changing pads. This really comes in handy when you get to that gas station changing table that hasn’t be cleaned anytime in the last ten years.

Snacks – You always want snacks on hand. Always. If you haven’t tried Beech-Nut‘s infant and toddler products you must! They are organic and non-GMO certified, made from real food! What a concept… In addition to jars and pouches, they have just launched a line of Toddler Snacks and Infant Cereals. These new products are made with real ingredients and packed with nutrition that moms can feel good about, whether they’re at home or on the go. Don’t believe me? Their Fruity Oat Bars have just 5 ingredients! And the Infant Cereals come in pre-mixed pouches or in canisters which has a measuring cup built into the lid. Trust me, a few of these in your diaper bag and you will be super mom!

Bottles – Formula or milk.

Plastic Bags – These are great for user diapers or dirty clothes. Have several, but keep them away from your baby.

Extra Clothes – For the baby or for you. You never know when you will need them.

Comfort Object – Be it a stuffed hedgehog named Leon or a pacifier.

Blanket – A great multi-purpose item which can be used as a changing pad, baby cover, burp cloth, nursing cover, shade, or as a blanket. Who knew right?

Remember, adapt as a needed. You’ll quickly discover what are your necessities and what is surplus. The most important thing is to find a solution that works best for you and your baby.


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