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Improving a home is a labour of love. Increasing the ‘curb appeal’ of your property has so much potential it can be tricky to understand where to even start. As a beginner, you can watch out for japanese knotweeds sprouting from different parts of your ground as it can cause damage to your property in the near future. Improving the interior home space can allow you to feel comfortable in a home, but when entering a home and increasing its market value, taking a few moments to spruce up the exterior could be an effort in time and money that is resoundingly worth it.

Not sure where to start? No problem. This article will go into a few of the solutions you might look to enact. Combined together, they’re sure to redefine your property as immaculate, but small, incremental positive steps within budget and time considerations are perfectly fine too.

Clad Exterior Walls

Wall cladding is a decorative covering that’s intended to make a wall seem like it’s made from a different material than what it really is. This is a great way to spruce up imperfections in your exterior, or simply lend it a new atmosphere. The wall cladding options available are numerous, and bring in an expert to help you identify what would go best might help you tremendously if you’re struggling for ideas. Cladding also helps with insulation and protection against weather elements.


If your roof is in a state of disrepair, getting it professionally fixed should be your first port of call. Not only will this help you prevent damp and other worrying adverse weather effects, but according to property valuation Melbourne experts, it will give you a grounding the markedly increase the properties selling value if that’s what you’re looking to do. Making sure that your shingles are well maintained and accessible for a roofing contractor for repair in the future will help improve the long-term lifespan of your property, as well as smartening up your exterior to no end.


Repairing old window fixtures can tidy up the exterior of your home immeasurably, and probably more so than you’d initially assume. Applying the same window frames will give a uniform look to the exterior of your property. Painting the window arches the same color that complements your walls or cladding will help elevate the style and class of your property. Using a paint sprayer is recommended here for their ability to apply paint in an accurate and durable way. Check Tool Nerds for the best paint sprayers available.

Replacing the windows will also help improve the security and insulation of your property from the inside. Correctly fitted windows will prevent nasty falling accidents also, and you can’t put a price on safety.

Front Door

Sometimes, improving the aesthetic of your property is as simple as replacing or painting the front door. Your front door says a lot about the personality of your family. The color you choose, the type of wood you’ve selected all says something about your personality. If your door is getting on in years, replacing it is just good form for the practical safety of your household. In order to be wise, this is a great opportunity to replace your locks too.

Garden & Outhouses

Has your garden seen better days? Maybe hiring a professional to landscape it is your best bet. A professional gardener will be able to tell you how to make the most of your outdoor space and incorporate height levels, garden pathways, and the best flower arrangements to really make your garden pop. This is also a great time to assess whether or not you’re utilizing your garden space as well as you could have been. Have a large area that could be worthy of decking or a patio? Now’s your chance to invest a little, and potentially produce an area to celebrate or unveil the renewal in your homes exterior structure. If such a lofty goal doesn’t sound right for you, maybe making an outside area to occupy and relax would be more ideal.

If you need more storage space, purchasing an outdoor shed or outhouse to place all the items left lying around in your garden will tidy it up immensely, and shield those items from the weather. If you’d really like to make your garden undeniably attractive, consider incorporating:

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures will lend your property a sense of sophistication and is a beautiful way to show a navigable path through which you’d like future visitors to travel through. If you decided to build the decking area or patio to host guests, complementing this space with lighting can make the area come alive in the nighttime. It needn’t be relegated to only your immediate vicinity either, as tasteful lighting dotted around specific flowerbeds in the garden can bring them to life and reflect off the motif of color you’ve landscaped the garden to have. You’re sure to turn the heads of your guests doing that.

You needn’t get so grandiose with it if that’s not your style, as a couple of simple outdoor lamps introducing the drive pathway to your front door can lend a sense of warmth and invitation to your property. At night, they can also ward off prospective thieves, because a lit home looks like an occupied home. This could serve you well if you have vacations coming up


Your mailbox is often the first thing that a passer-by sees, and so painting it a positive color and making sure it’s well maintained is a nice way to introduce your property. You don’t need to get over the top and have a 20th-century Victorian mailbox in order to turn heads. Just a nice, clean design that fits with the outdoor theme of your property will go a long way in complementing your exterior.


Owning a porch is a staple of the American-dream 50’s era property that comes to mind when you think of ideal suburbia. There’s a truth in that image, and that’s because porch’s help a property stand out as secure, stable and inviting. It’s also a great place to introduce guests in the summer and keep a few flower boxes outside to further improve your home’s aesthetic.

Window Boxes

Want to further improve the beauty of your home? Window boxes are fantastic ways to grow a variety of flowers, and they draw attention away from the structural imperfections of your exterior and draw attention to the colors you’ve decided to decorate your house with. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not place an orchid and grow it up the side of your wall with plant fencing? There’s no look quite like it when summer comes around. Your property will look beautifully in balance with nature, and could potentially be the perfect way to continue the theme of your garden to the front exterior of your property. Give it a try, you might just be surprised with the results, just make sure you contact the right

fence contractor.

In summary, transforming the exterior of a property is a fine balance in the arts or reparation, renovating and decorating. Doing all three in equal measure will lend your property the ‘curb appeal’ it deserves and is sure to improve your market value. In fact, property valuers usually assign a great deal of the properties value based on the first few impressions the property gives, because that’s what they know prospective buyers will make their initial impression on.

Don’t give them any reason to treat your property with anything other than complete reverence, adoration, and respect. But be careful not to overdo things. In the hunt to exemplify what we believe to be the best exterior a property can muster, it’s tempting to go overboard and add too many little details. Sometimes, less is more. Take this advice incrementally, see what works, and eschew what doesn’t. You might just become an incredible home renovator yet.

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