Some Thoughts on Delayed Parenting – To Wait or Not to Wait?

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With so many couples waiting until their late thirties and early forties to begin having children, there are many factors involved that should be discussed prior to making that decision. Yes, it is important to be financially stable prior to bringing children into the world, but that doesn’t mean amassing any great amount of wealth. Waiting that long may carry with it some amount of concern, as was discussed in a 2012 edition of Psychology Today. As a result, young couples are urged to look deeper into the potential risks involved in delaying parenthood. Here is some of what you might want to think about.

The Biological Clock Is Ticking

At this stage of your lives, nature has a cycle that is fairly difficult to circumvent. The quantity and/or quality of a woman’s ovum (eggs) is definitely one risk factor and for some women that can begin even in her early 30s. For men, the vitality of sperm may not be as great a risk factor, but some men begin experiencing erectile dysfunction even at that young age as well. ED is not always a death sentence when it comes to conceiving and there are medications on the market that can help, but usually, they are quite expensive and many, if not most, insurers may not cover that drug. Of course, you can always get a discount with a Cialis Coupon, for example, so if you have already delayed parenting now might be the time to get started planning.

At What Cost to the Embryo’s Health?

Continuing on with issues discussed in that article mentioned above, there are actually health risks to both the embryo inside the woman and the child once it makes its way into the world. Embryos of aging ovum are not as healthy as those of a younger woman and sometimes pregnancy isn’t able to reach term. Health risks to babies such as autism, schizophrenia, and other types of developmental delay are common to children born of ‘older’ moms. Going forward from there, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine says it best in stating that society is placing the burden on medical science to undo the natural “effects of aging.”

What Will Society Look Like?

As we age, we no longer have the vitality and vigor we once had. A parent in his or her late thirties still has enough energy to deal with teens and their exuberant way of life, but a parent approaching their sixties? Not so much! Also, with the child’s health at risk due to advancing ages of ovum at conception, will we have a strong vital society that can withstand what life throws at it, natural and manmade? Many believe it’s doubtful.

So there you have the conundrum. Wait or not to wait? Every couple knows what is best for them personally, but there will come a time when the alarm went off on that biological clock and you slept through it. Decide now what’s important to you and act on that. If you refuse to bring children into an uncertain world and are worried about debt, that’s your choice and no one can fault you for it. But, if you are looking to amass some amount of wealth, remember, it may present problems at that time.

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