Teaching Teens Money Management

As your kids grow older you want to teach them more about to how to be responsible, wise and an active member of society. All three of those include the area of finances. The challenge grows as your kids enter their teen years and have a greater level of independence. It can be hard to know how they spend their cash, saving accounts can be complicated, and setting money aside to give to charities requires a lot of self control. Fortunately for parents and teens alike, navigating all that just became a lot easier with Current.

Current addresses the challenges faced by parents as their children reach teen years and need easy access to finances. Using a Visa-branded debit card enabling teens to swipe in stores and online and an app-based platform available for iOS and Android, parents can track their children’s spending in real time, automate allowances, set chores, encourage saving, and foster charitable giving.The Current Student Account helps parents teach their kids to spend responsibly, save wisely and act charitably through three wallets:

  • The Spending wallet tracks and provides real-time alerts to parents on expenditures, incorporating budgetary limits and pre-set blocks on prohibited retailer categories.
  • The Savings wallet features tools to help teens become more attuned to fiscal responsibility and to improve spending habits while adhering to pre-set savings objectives by illustrating how savings can grow beyond compound interest.
  • The Giving wallet enables parents to collaborate with their kids in identifying charities that support their favorite causes and automatically set aside monthly allocations for philanthropic contributions.


Current’s longterm goal — driven by its founder, former Wall Street trader Stuart Sopp who has a young daughter himself — is to fundamentally shift banking through software and get back to a focus on communities as our failing banking infrastructure has left middle-American communities and consumers behind. Here’s a HuffPo piece that mildly previews Stuart’s broader vision.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Current in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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