Make Your Backyard Fun This Summer

The kids will be home for the summer in a couple of weeks before you know it. Keeping them occupied might be a challenge. However, warmer weather will draw your kids out to play in the backyard. Make your backyard fun this year with these fun, creative ideas!

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Create a path of of stump steps with different heights. Space the stumps apart so the kids have a challenge to take each step onto another stump. The kids can play  Follow the Leader or Don’t Touch the Ground.

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Make a gravel or sandbox area for your little builder creators, if you can not find gravel in your area call a stone gravel supplier!

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Drawing with chalk or paint is always fun. Kids will go crazy for a huge chalkboard out in your backyard. Here is a DIY Chalkboard with step by steps on how to make your very own. You can also make your very own DIY Outdoor Easel with this one or this one.

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Making your very own swing in the backyard is easier than you might have thought. Here is a DIY rope swing or even a DIY platform swing. The kids will have a great time with these swings during the whole summer and the summers after that!

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