How to Raise a Good Sport

Playing sports is a great time for your kids to have a fun time being active and making friends. However, as a parent, seeing your kid upset that their team did not win or bragging about winning the game can sometimes be troublesome. Feeling proud is great, but when your child starts boasting about winning then there is a line that should not be crossed. Teaching your child to have good sportsmanship will go a long way for them.

Here are some tips on raising a good sport!

Explain to your child what a good sport is

Letting your kids know what being a good sport is one of the first steps. Kids will then learn what is expected of them when playing a sport or simply games with friends. It will help them understand that having a good time is the main idea.

Win or lose, it doesn’t matter

Everyone loves to win, but focusing on that winning as the end goal can be detrimental. Teach your kids to focus on learning the game and making improvements. If your child loses the game, praise them for their hard work playing and congratulating the other team for winning.

Give consequences

As much as we want our kids to have fun playing sports, teaching them that their bad sportsmanship behavior with consequences can help prevent them from acting sour towards losing.

Be a role model of a good sport

When you’re standing on the sidelines, be encouraging to your child and all other players. Cheering and showing positive attitude will display a great model for you kid that her or she is surely to follow. Be sure to give high fives and congratulate the kids on the team and the other team!

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