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Teaching our kids to brush their teeth is not always an easy task, but one with long term benefits that we all understand. But did you know that 90% of bacteria that cause bad breath live on the tongue — not on the teeth or gums? And did you know that Americans spend more than $3 billion every year on mouthwash, gum, breath mints, and other efforts to reduce bad breath that do little more than mask the problem? So how do you teach your kids to deal with bad breath and, more importantly, the bacteria that causes it? With the TUNG Brush!

TUNG invented the first tongue brush and gel system over 15 years ago. The TUNG brush and gel were designed by dentist Dr. Wieder to be the most effective tongue cleaner ever. In fact, 90% of consumers preferred the TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel in a study conducted by Nova Southeastern University. Their tongue brush is designed specifically to clean the rough but tender surface of the tongue. Their tongue gel is formulated to neutralize that nasty bacteria gas that causes bad breath, leaving your mouth minty fresh. Together they’re the most effective tongue cleaner on the market today and professionally designed and made in America. Once you’ve tried the TUNG brush and gel system you’ll agree that no other tongue cleaner works better.

Designed to effectively clean your tongue without gagging, the TUNG Brush allows you to reach far back on the tongue where the bad breath-causing bacteria lives. Their fresh mint TUNG Gel treats and cures bad breath fast by neutralizing the bacteria on the tongue that causes bad breath. Try the tongue cleaner that’s been getting rave reviews for over 15 years. You’ll find this to be the best tongue cleaning system ever. You’re going to love having fresh breath and added confidence. TUNG Brush has been designed to actually clean your tongue without gagging (unlike cleaning your tongue with a toothbrush).

The worst or grossest bacteria actually lives in the back of your tongue and TUNG Brush has been designed so that users can get to that bacteria without setting off that gag reflex we all hate. To make it easy, they recommend that you brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth and replace your TUNG brush every three months just as you would your tooth brush. The reason why you shouldn’t use your tooth brush to brush your tongue is because it is a bad practice to brush your teeth with the same brush that was exposed to the high levels of bacteria on your tongue.

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