12 of the Coolest Fidget Spinners That Kids Are Obsessed With

I am always late on joining in the latest trends. So I didn’t know anything about what these “fidget spinners” my current youngest child is all about. When doing some research, it seems like these little spinning gadgets are absolutely the hype right now for adolescence aged group. It seems local stores and online are sold out and millions of these are being made and shipped off as fast as they can.

The fidget spinner actually was made to help kids staying still or redirect all of their energy to help them stay focused. This is a great tool for our kids who simply cannot stay put during the long school days. However, these fidget spinners have also been known to be distracting and against what they were produced for. Schools have even began banning them.

Of course, these fidget spinners are still the rage.

If your kid is into these new spinning fun-trendy gadgets, then we’ve got a list of some pretty neat ones your kids will love.

Ribbon-hued color from MEISUS

TSNO fidget spinner with LED lights from Amazon

Red Copper fidget spinner from Amazon

Axle fidget spinner from Amazon

Holisouse Tri-Spinner from Amazon

Glow in the Dark fidget spinner from Amazon

EDC Stainless Steel or Aluminum Turbine fidget spinners from Addictive Fidget Toys

Gold fidget spinner from Amazon

Galaxy-hued fidget spinner from Amazon

Pink fidget spinner from Amazon

Xelparuc fidget spinner from Amazon

Blue Atesson fidget spinner from Amazon

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