8 Discipline Mistakes You Might Be Making

Parenting felt like a dream and a gift when holding your brand new baby. Never in my dreams did I ever think handling tantrums, teaching lessons, and learning to balance being my child’s friend and discipliner would be hard. Parenting didn’t come with a guide on how to discipline our children. I really wish it did, and I’m sure you do too!

However, as parents, we make mistakes that don’t interpret as the actual mistake when it comes to disciplining our children. We might have tried every classic strategy to get your kid to listen but nothing is still doing the trick. However, we also might be incorrectly discipline our children in a harmful way that will have negative consequences in the long run.

It’s important to correct a bad behavior, not a behavior that will create feelings of fear and anger from your child. Here are the 8 things to avoid when disciplining your child.

1. Yelling or screaming

Sometimes frustration can overcome us when our kids are being wild. However, yelling or screaming has never accomplished anything. Talking to your child in a calm tone is the best way for you and your child to talk and get to fixing the mistake. Your child is more likely to react in a positive manner than a negative manner when there is no yelling or screaming.

2. Bribing for fast results

I’ve been a sucker for bribing my children into getting them to stop behaving badly. It can be a nightmare especially if you are out and about in public. However, I learned that my kids started expecting rewards when acting out. It was a way my child learned to get what he wanted.

You might be tempted to buy them a treat if you tell them to stop behaving badly. However, this method does not solve anything. Your child needs to respect you for what you are saying and shouldn’t get a reward for just being obedient. Your child needs to learn to wait patiently or being nice. It simply is an expectation.

3. Not following through on what you say

If you don’t follow through on your word or disciple, such as taking away something from your child as a punishment, then what does your kid learn? Simply your child will learn they can get away with anything without punishment. Your child might realize they can push your limits and get away with more. Remember to follow through with what you say when discipline your child.

4. Don’t bring up the past

The past is the past. Don’t hold the past against your child if they made a mistake before. It doesn’t mean they your child will do the same thing again.

5. Don’t skip the life lesson with your child

When disciplining your child, it’s important to show him or her the life lesson to be taught from their mistake. Explain to your child what they did wrong and try and help him or her understand you love them and want them to be successful. When your child understands what mistake they made, they then can learn from it. As well, it helps them learn from right and wrong.

6. Shaming your kids

Shaming your kids doesn’t seem like something you would do as a parent on purpose. However, it can easily be done without you knowing. For instance, comparing your child’s behavior to another sibling can make them feel less valued for who they are. You might say, “Why can’t you play nicely like your brother?” These words have more of an effect on your child then you might think.

Disciple needs to focus on your child’s behavior, not the way he or she acts compared to another child.

7. Taking it personally

When your kid acts out you might think you’re not doing well as a parent. I promise you that you aren’t. There is a lot of reasons kids act out, such as lack of self-control, pushing boundaries, and needing your attention. Your little person is trying to figure out who they are learning how to get what they want. Continue to love your child, but remind them that they cannot be disrespectful to you.

8. Don’t forget the love

Loving your child is very important to keep in mind when disciplining your child. When scolding and disciplining your child don’t forget to comfort and show them some love after you have explained the lesson you want your child to learn.

Remember that these tips are merely suggestions. However, if you are to walk away with one thing from this, remember the love you offer your children can change everything. Always try to put your love you have for your kids first. How your correct a mistake your child makes can make a huge influence on your relationship and how you discipline your children with your significant other is between you two. Choose love, patience, and calmness when disciplining your kids.

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