7 Ways to Enjoy Cooking with Kids

I never thought teaching my kids to cook at a young age would be a good idea. There was so many things that came across my mind that possibly could go wrong. They could burn or cut themselves. My mom worrying switch turned on whenever I thought about them cooking. I pushed the idea off for a very long time.

Then I remembered that cooking was an important skill my children would need when they left the home. I didn’t want them to just know how to turn on the oven for pizza or use the microwave only. I wanted my kids to really learn how to cook, especially healthy meals. Of course my kids might not eat their fruits and veggies when they leave the house but it’s worth a shot!

All I needed to do was start simple. So if you’re like me, trying to teach your little ones to cook, then maybe starting simple will help you too and not worry about your kids hurting themselves in the kitchen.

So here are 7 ways to get to enjoy cooking with your kids in the kitchen while you teaching them to cook.

1. Start with something small

Don’t start with a large recipe with your kids. I learned it was easier for them to start with something small. For instance, I had my kids peel hard-boiled eggs and help make a salad.

2. Keep the kitchen clean as you go

The kids can be messy, and mine for sure love to make a huge mess. I tried to remind my kids that if you make less of a mess then you can enjoy the meal or recipe they made quicker.

3. Make a cooking recipe a family tradition

My kids love making cookies when the holiday season comes rolling in. But my kids wanted to do something more than cookies after the holidays. So we decided every birthday we will make strawberry shortcake. My family is a huge fan of this delicious recipe, and it is so simple to make!

4. Try different cultures

Trying to get kids to eat something new is harder than I thought. Kids can be picky eaters or adventurous when it comes to trying new foods. My pickiest eater would never try anything new until he started making the new recipe himself. Try having your kid try new recipes from different cultures. They might find something new they love.

5. Talk to your kids while you cook

My kids love talking when cooking. It also helps us to bond and grow closer together. They loved hearing stories about my childhood and asks if I ate the same things they eat as kids.

6. Make your own recipe

Have you kids make a family recipe. You can name it something fun—even if it is the silliest name in the world! Make sure they write down the recipe and keep it for later.

7. Encourage the kids to be independent

It might should scary, especially when they are in the kitchen. However, at around the age of 6, your kids are ready to take on a simple recipe themselves. For instance, have the kids make a simple pancake recipe.

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