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As a child, I hated getting my temperature taken when I was sick. Between having to try to sit still for 3 minutes, and trying not to choke on the thermometer while keeping it uncomfortable under my tongue… it was awful. Now as a new parent, I don’t want to put my children through the same trauma I had, but taking a child’s temperature when they have a fever is kind of a must. You can imagine how excited I was when I discovered that Bogmi is launching an Indiegogo Campaign for Earmo, the first accurate and smart ear thermometer with a touchscreen LED display.Based on ergonomics, Earmo is easy to hold with its streamline curve and fits perfectly in both children and adult ears. Earmo delivers the possible experience with some features I’m really excited about. First, instant readings! No trying to keep kids still for 3 minutes! It takes only a second! ONE SECOND! (Sorry, got a little too excited) It also measures temperature with ±0.36℉/0.2℃ accuracy, which, lets face it, it’s a thermometer, you want it to be accurate. It’s also user-friendly without complicated buttons and fancy colors, the minimalist design suits everything you need.

Earmo is the first ear thermometer that comes with touch LED display to view readings in any light. Equipped with 80 (16*5 matrix) LED lights, it vividly shows temperature data. Earmo itself can store 5 temperature data. Simply swipe the screen up and down to see the past temperature data, which is great if you are bad with numbers (like me). AND, as if all that wasn’t enough, it pairs with its own complementary app via Bluetooth and provides users with all the previous temperature data and key insights. Users can create multiple family member profiles under one account, and share all data.

Earmo is built with a high-accuracy infrared sensor, imported antibacterial ABS material, imported extremely fast sensor, 80 high brightness LED lights and low energy Bluetooth chip. With their technology, Bogmi aims to improve the health status of women and children by always putting people before profit, and through constructing and analyzing the world’s biggest database of health.

Earmo will be available to a limited number of backers for $39 with products estimated to ship in June.

Click here to visit the Earmo Indiegoo Campaign.

Click here to visit the Earmo website.

WIN: Bongmi is giving away 3 Earmo smart ear thermometers!

Click here to enter on the Bongmi Facebook page.

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Bongmi in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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