A Tasty Escape from Parenting


As a parent, how much time do you really have to dive into an intense strategy game, highly detailed characters and story lines and hours on demanding gameplay? Do you really want to lose yourself in an immersive gaming experience while your two-year-old wanders towards the white walls of the hallway with a red crayon in hand? I thought so. But games can be a great way to unwind, take a short break (before you pull the crushed Oreos out of carpet… again), or just plain let off steam (your three year old didn’t MEAN to use your best perfume to wash the dog, I’m sure). Meet your new escape: Tasty Treats.


At first glance Tasty Treats may look like other connect three games out there, but that impression quickly disappears behind it’s cute characters and colorful graphics. Look a little further and you’ll find even more surprises that make this games stand out. There are over 150 levels as you help Fairy reach Grandma’s place by blasting obstacles which are, as you would expect, tasty treats like pretzels, gummies, and popcorn. Along the way you’ll travel through delicious lands and meet many cute characters, each with their own favorite tasty treat!

The gameplay if fun and engaging, but in bite sized pieces (see what I did there? Anyone? Ok, moving on…) meaning you can play between disasters or between avoiding them… or both, which is most likely when you think about it. It’s also not so frustrating that you’ll pull your hair out or spend weeks stuck on one level, unlike some other games I could think of… All in all, its the perfect blend of cute, fun, and not-distact-you-so-much-that-your-kids-tear-the-house-apart. It also has some of the more engaging social elements you’ll find in games of this kind. In addition to score boards where you can compete with your friends, and do daily challenges, you can actually see your friends’ progress on the map and try to stay a step ahead of them.

You can download Tasty Treats today for FREE: http://download.tastytreatsgame.com/247moms

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Avid.ly in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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