Six Things You Should Know About Having Grown Sons

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As a mom I wasn’t sure what to expect when raising boys. I’ve read a couple things here and there about raising sons, but truthfully I don’t think I was prepared no matter how much I read about raising boys. My three sons are uniquely different and I love them all. Each of them has their own personality that shines and is still valued greatly in my heart. I want my boys to be the best person they can be when they grow up. But honestly, what will happen after my little boys grow up?

Marlene Fischer wrote an article called Six Things You Should Know About Having Grown Sons. This was exactly what I was needing to read, and maybe you do too! My boys are growing up and are almost all adults and I wonder what adult life will turn them out to be like. It’s one of my main worries, but Marlene assures me that it isn’t like that. My sons will still be my sons no matter how old they are!

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