How to Give Your Kitchen A Low Budget Makeover

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If you and your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then you want the room to be a great environment for many different uses. Whether you use the space as a place to cook, or you dine with friends and family, here are a few creative ideas that can give your kitchen a new look without having to spend a fortune.

Breakfast table – Not everyone enjoys eating breakfast at a dining table. You could fit a fold-down breakfast bar that will take up no extra room in your kitchen, and due to its simplicity, you could even build one yourself if you or a friend/family member has any DIY skills.

Lighting – You might be surprised at how much influence your lighting has on the mood of a room. Having some lighting installed underneath your cupboards can introduce more light into the room, as well as look very stylish. Use LED strip lighting or similar alternatives for a great lighting effect.

Add tiling – You can buy tiles to lay around your sink area for a very reasonable price, plus laying the tiles is fairly easy, making this a quick solution to brighten up a room. Choose a color scheme and different patterns that will jazz up your sink area.

Replace cupboard doors – A common mistake people make is thinking that they need to replace the entire kitchen rather than just the cupboard doors. New doors are surprisingly affordable and easy to fit. This quick fix can transform the look of any kitchen. Another hack is adding a new coat of paint to the doors, giving the illusion of brand new furniture to anyone who enters your house.

Replace worktops – Worktops can quickly become outdated and damaged, but having a new worktop fitted can be cheap if you go for something from a standard range. This can make the whole kitchen feel like it has been transformed.

Spruce up an old wooden table – If you have a wooden table that looks like it could need some TLC, then a simple coat of varnish will help liven up the wood. The same goes for wooden chairs, and once the wood has been treated, you could add a splash of color with new seat cushions and incorporate a matching tablecloth into the mix.

New blinds – Your kitchen can soon feel the strains of cooking with the heat and grease building up in places you wouldn’t imagine possible. Your blinds are usually one of the first items to feel the effects of being in a stifling environment, so ensure they are kept wiped clean or buy a new set every so often.

Flooring – Your flooring is also extremely susceptible to wear and tear, but putting down some reasonably priced kitchen lino/vinyl is a quick and low budget way to refresh your floor. You can even get patterns that look like marble to create the impression that a lot more money has been spent.

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