How to Choose & Cut a Cantaloupe

Who knew shopping for food at the grocery store would be such a hassle! When you are at the grocery store, you want to make sure you pick the freshest and ripen produce. Having your produce go bad the next day just doesn’t work out for us busy moms, and sometimes going a second time to the grocery store within a week stresses us out!

$5 Dinners has put together a video on how to cut a cantaloupe and tips for choosing one at the store. Unfortunately, you cannot see what the cantaloupe looks inside when its uncut. When choosing a cantaloupe at the store you want to make sure it smells sweet. The tips and tricks on how to cut the cantaloupe make it quick and easy to have your cantaloupe within minutes ready to eat!

Click here to watch the video and learn the tips and tricks of picking out your own cantaloupe the next time you go to the store!


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