8 Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary

Those who have been married for a while know that life and even marriage itself has its ups and downs. Each year together is a true achievement, especially maintaining a deep affection for each other.

Celebrating your wedding anniversary doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. There are simple ways to celebrate a day or night with your spouse.

We, for example, had a dream wedding. It was beautiful, all the people who were there were the people we loved and cared for, the flower arrangements were beautiful and the place was very magical. We had our wedding in the best place we could. The Orchard Wedding Venue, was our dreamed place. It has been a year since the happiest day of our lives, so we want to bring you this list of how to celebrate this beautiful life adventure.

Here some ways to celebrate without thinking about the expenses!

1. Traveling

Getting out of town on a romantic trip is a great way to celebrate. It should just be the two of you. The length of the vacation doesn’t matter, just taking the time out of your busy lives to spend time together and celebrate is important.

2. Go dancing

Getting up and going dancing can be exciting and thrilling. You don’t have to be a great dancer either! Sweet feelings will be reignited and laughter is sure to be heard.

3. Surprises

If your spouse likes surprises, then go for it! No matter the surprise, the thoughtfulness behind the surprise means the most.

4. Write a love letter

Writing a heartfelt letter can be very warming and thoughtful. Write about how much your spouse means to you, how your year was together, or whatever is on your heart and mind.

5. Go out to breakfast instead of dinner

Doing the opposite with your spouse is always fun! Breakfast is always cheaper on your bank.

6. Candlelit dinner

Candlelit dinners are a true classic that will never stop buy some linen for tablecloths from this white tablecloth bulk seller, place candles and cook a nice dinner. You can eat at a fancy restaurant or prepare a wonderful meal at home. You can even get take out too or go out for dessert instead!

7. Go hiking

If the weather permits itself to be nice during your anniversary, then go for a nice hike. Seeing the sights and beauty of nature is truly romantic. You can even pack a lunch and have a picnic on your hike!

8. Balloons for each year

Blow up a balloon for each year of your marriage together. Place a piece of paper in each one with something nice or a favorite memory about your spouse. It’s fun for the both of you. Also, who doesn’t enjoy popping balloons!?

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