6 Easy Campfire Foil-Wrapped Meals

Warmer weather is here and summer is just around the corner. Cleaning up dishes and greasy grill each night can be tiring when you are camping and on road trips. That’s why foil-wrapped meals are the best for camping and road trips. The food tastes great and have easy clean ups too!

Try one of these 6 Easy Campfire Foil-Wrapped Meals!

BBQ Chicken Potato Foil Packet from Life With 4 Boys
A sweet BBQ flavored chicken with cheesy potatoes is a favorite for any family!

Meat, Potato, and Veggie Bowl from Big Red Kitchen
These can be cooked over a fire or grill. The veggies can be switched up to your preference too!

Whole Wheat Spaghetti Meal Packet from Cookin’ Canuck
Cook the pasta ahead and make these delicious meals with tomato, cheese, and your own seasonings. Add chicken too!

 Lumberjack Breakfast from Echoes of Laughter
Add sausage or bacon, frozen hash browns or left over potatoes, eggs, veggies, eggs and you got yourself one delicious easy breakfast meal in the morning! You can make these any way you want and add fruit on the side.

Santa Fe Chicken Packet from ReadySetEat
Chicken breasts topped with black beans, corn and zesty tomatoes!

Campfire Quesadillas from Dirty Gourmet
Build your own quesadillas for a delicious meal.

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