5 Simple Meals Kids Can Cook for the Family

Teaching our kids to cook is an essential skill they will need when leaving the nest. You won’t be a mean mom for providing them with a life-long skill they will need. Maybe your kid is ultimately talented cook waiting for their skill or hobby to be unlocked! And of course, having your kids cook for you is the best. It’s totally possible too.

You should also keep in mind that each child will perform differently depending on their age. As well, the training and practice they have had in cooking. The more years of practice they get the better! Eventually they will prepare entire meals for the family and your years of teaching will finally pay off.

Picking easy meals to prepare is the first step. You might also need to help your kid out a little if they are unfamiliar with certain directions or how to do something.

Here are 5 Simple Meals Kids Can Cook for the Family!

Healthy Chicken Pot Popovers from Food Network
The crusty crust and chicken creamy filling appeal to both kids and adults. The kids can make the batter, prepare the chicken, and measure the ingredients easily for this delicious recipe!

Cheese Calzones from Kraft Recipes Kids Can Cook
These gooey cheese calzone pizzas are fun and creative. Older kids can make these with the quick and easy steps. You can also help your younger kids with this recipe by having them put in the cheese, pizza sauce, and more!

Tex-Mex Tacos Take No Time to Make from POPSUGAR Food
Tacos are simple and easy to make, and everyone loves them! Older kids can help cook the meat or cut the veggies. The younger kids can set up the taco station easily.

Creamy Chicken Pasta from Mommy Living the Life of Riley
The Creamy Chicken Pasta meal comes to together quickly and is cooked within 15 minutes. It’s a one-pot dinner easy for kids to make with step-by-step instructions. And it’s one super easy clean up meal!

The Greatest Grilled Cheese Sandwich from Delish
The classic grilled cheese sandwich is always. Kids can make these easily by putting the cheese on the bread and cooking it. Don’t forget to make tomato soup too!

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