4 Health Related Jobs That Work Best for Moms

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A child has to be one of the most important things in your life and there is very little that you are going to find to distract you from raising it.  If you find yourself in a position where you can be a stay-at-home mom, it is the best way to raise your child.  Being with your children all of the time forms a great bond that will be there for years.  But what about when you start thinking about going back to work after your child is a little older, or school age?  Here is a list of five jobs in the health industry that work best for moms.


You are going to have to try very hard to find a reason why having a career as a nurse is bad for a mom.  Being able to help with the health of your family has to be one of the best rewards that come from being a nurse.  If you read through a job description for being a nurse, you will find that many of the duties are performed by mothers every single day.


Just like being a nurse, a pediatrician is another job that works out great for the moms out there.  By just having that extra knowledge that you earned while studying for your online MHA degree will help you as a mother to young children.  The jobs pay well and allow you to feel like you are contributing to the family in more ways than one.  


Another great job that works well for mothers is a dietitian.  Being able to prepare foods that are right for your children and the rest of the family is a key way to ensure they are going to grow up healthy.  Not only that, the children will form great, healthy habits they can pass along to children they have years down the road.  Having this type of knowledge is a win-win situation for everybody involved.

Medical Transcriptionist

You might have heard of medical transcription work in the past and if you are asking my opinion, it is the best job you can have while raising your children.  Even if you are not done with school, being a medical transcriptionist can be done on a part-time basis if needed.  That allows you to work and stay at home with the family at the same time.  This allows for less stress on everyone and once your children are old enough, you can move onto full-time status.

Here is just a short list of jobs that will work well with new mothers and those that wish to go back to work after the children are a little older.  If you enrolled in an online college and earned your online master of healthcare administration in strategy and innovation, this list is just the beginning for you.  As you advance through the health industry, more job opportunities will look like a great fit with your new background.

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