Surprising Problems Bad Credit Can Cause

If you have bad credit, life might seem like a bit of a struggle for you at the moment. It’s not just that you can’t buy certain things, but that it has a knock on effect on your families lives as well. Read on to find out more and to get some advice on what to do, if you are in this situation.

Problem 1: Buying Or Renting A House

If you have bad credit then getting a mortgage on a property or even renting one month to month can be a nightmare. Especially if it’s in a popular neighborhood with a good school for the kids.

Of course, the problem is that if you are in this situation, your kids can miss out on going to the schools that you want them to go to.

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But what can you do to rectify this situation? Well firstly, you may be able to swing things if you have someone that it willing to act as a guarantor for you.

That means they will sign the lease or mortgage as well, and if you can’t make payments, they promise to may them in your place. This gives the person, or company that you are renting from more security.

Problem 2: Buying A Car

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The next issue that you may come across when you have bad credit is that it can be very hard work to buy a car. But of course, how can you get around and live your day to day life if you haven’t got access to a vehicle?

It can even limit your work options because you can’t apply for any better jobs, as you just can’t get there every day.  

Happily, there are things you can do about this. Firstly you can read this guide to getting a car loan with bad credit and see what your option actually are.

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Or that doesn’t work for you, then why not try carpooling, or even public transport?

Problem 3: Buying a PC or laptop

Another item that you may find difficult to purchase without good credit is a PC or laptop. Now, if you’re just using it to play games and check your Facebook profile, then it doesn’t really matter too much.

But if you need a computer for study, or working at home then you can be in a bit of a pickle.

Some institution will allow you to borrow devices for a certain amount of time. But these do tend to be ones that have been used heavily and don’t have the most up to date software on them. Which could hamper your productivity and achievement.  

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Problem 4:  Buying A Bed

Lastly, a major life purchase that you could find it difficult to buy if you have bad credit rating is a good quality bed. Beds, especially the large super king variety, are not cheap, and if you can’t afford to pay for them all in one go, credit is the best option.

But if you have poor credit this may be an option that isn’t available to you. Which mean you are stuck with some sleeplessness nights unless you sleep on the couch or until you can raise the full amount!  

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