What No One Tells You About The First Days Of Marriage

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There’s a lot of advice out there about planning a wedding, or making a marriage last the long haul. But, there’s a distinct lack of information about the aftermath of a wedding. Sorry to burst your bubble, but those first days of marriage are rarely blissful. In fact, they often feel underwhelming. If you go on honeymoon straight after your wedding, you may be able to delay that feeling for a week or so. But, it’ll still hit when you get home. Here are some of the biggest problems newlyweds face, and a few ideas of how to overcome them.

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Chances are, you’ve been dreaming of your wedding day since you were young. Everything, to some extent, has been working towards the day when you say ‘I do.’. It will have been more of a motivating factor in your life than you may even have realized. And, that’s particularly the case since your engagement. You have worked hard and spent the last months planning everything. And, you may be wondering what to do now. Despite the fireworks and magic you were expecting, life goes on. The two of you go back to work and, for the most part, everything’s the same as it was. The only difference is that ring on your finger! To get yourself out of the slump, look to the future. Making other plans is the best way to pull yourself out of your wedding mentality.

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You may also find that you struggle to find things to talk about with your man. For months, maybe even years, your marriage has been the topic of conversation. You will have spent the majority of your time talking wedding. From discussing ideas for custom wedding invitations, to different colored ribbons; your conversation will have become narrow. You may have forgotten what you used to talk about. The early days of marriage may be silent, while you readjust. Understand that there’s nothing wrong with that. Marriage was a big deal. It’ll take you a while to return to the way you were. If you want to move things along, plan a date night and make an effort to keep the conversation going. Reconnecting in this way will help you work through the aftermath.


Once you’ve solved those small niggles, you have the larger life questions to answer. ‘What now?’ will be top of that list. Marriage is one of those big life goals. Once you achieve it, you may feel as though that’s it. While it’s wonderful to know you’re set for life, it may leave you feeling despairing. Few people talk about this because they want their marriage to seem like it’s all sunshine and happiness. But, that’s normal. Meeting your goals can be bittersweet. It’s human nature to want something to work towards. You’re going to experience a readjustment before you settle on the next big thing. Have patience. Next stop…Children!

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