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LEGO pieces took over my house without me even knowing it. No matter how many times we clean up the LEGO pieces there are always a few left out somewhere. Sometimes it seems these little pieces are out to get me—I’m always stepping on them! If you have LEGOs in your house, then you know these innocent pieces cause a lot of pain!

But my kids love these toys so much, and you can make pretty cool things with these toys too. So I suppose I will have to live with them for now!

One thing I actually love about the LEGO company is that they offer a free subscription to their LEGO® Life magazine. This magazine is for kids between 5 and 9 living in the US and Canada. their LEGO® Life is full of comics, activities, and LEGO creations built by fans. Building tips are also offered to! The magazine is offered 5 times a year and you can cancel any time!

Click here to subscribe to LEGO® Life magazine today!

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