How to Choose the Perfect Baby Stroller

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When it comes to buying a baby stroller, there are many things to consider before making such a major purchase. You want to ensure that the stroller you choose is comfortable to use for both you and your baby. You’ll also need to consider how you will be using the stroller. Another thing that’s really important is how long you intend to use your baby stroller.

Here are some of the things you should look for when making your decision on which stroller to buy.

Is The Stroller Easy to Manoeuvre?

An empty stroller is usually fairly easy to manoeuvre, but once you put in baby and all the gear you need to take along, some strollers can be a bit reminiscent of a bad shopping trolley. Ideally, the stroller should have front swivel wheels, which turn easily to make pushing the stroller around corners easy and effortless. Larger rear wheels will give the stroller some stability.

Is The Stroller Easy To Fold?

You want a stroller that will fold quickly and easily and is just as easy to open out again. This will save you hours of frustration every time you want to take your baby out in the car.

What Type Of Stroller Will Suit Your Lifestyle?

There are basically five types of strollers and you need to decide which one best suits your lifestyle.

1. Standard Stroller

These come in a large variety of styles and designs. They have a padded seat, which can be reclined for baby to lie flat, a sun cover, and usually a storage tray underneath. It’s a good idea to choose one with a reversible seat so you can have your baby facing you.

2. Stroller Frames

These are just a lightweight metal frame and are designed for certain types of baby car seats. The frames are easy to fold up and put in the trunk of your car and are especially convenient if your baby has fallen asleep and you don’t want to wake him.

3. Travel Systems

Travel systems are similar to stroller frames, but are much sturdier and can be used even after your baby has outgrown the infant car seat. One example is the Ickle Bubba child travel systems, which convert from a carrycot to a pushchair and car seat as your baby grows. The stroller chassis is quite sturdy and has smaller front swivel wheels for easy steering and larger rear wheels for stability. It can be either front or rear facing and will adapt to you and your baby’s growing needs.

4. Jogging Stroller

A jogging stroller usually has three bicycle type wheels and a lightweight frame. These are great for long walks, runs and hikes and are designed to be easy to manoeuvre over uneven ground. They are not recommended for babies under six months.

5. Umbrella Stroller

An umbrella stroller is lightweight and easy carry around in the car. It generally does not have much structure or seat support so is only recommended for toddlers and older babies who are able to sit unaided.

When choosing the perfect stroller for your baby it’s important to consider manoeuvrability, ease of folding, and what you will mostly be using your stroller for.

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