Celebrate Earth Month with Tom’s of Maine #LESSWASTECHALLENGE

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April is known for being Earth Month. It’s a time to look at the world by celebrating the incredible world we live in. There are times when the problems that our planet faces and its environment seem incredibly overwhelming to us. The question is mostly asking ourselves is how can we begin? What can we do to make a difference or change? Making little changes that can help save our planet in a big way can go a very long way for the future of our planet.

Starting on March 21st, Tom’s of Maine will be working with TerraCycle on #LessWasteChallenge, which is a month-long social action campaign that is challenging individuals over social media to reduce one pound of waste each week from their daily lives. The campaign is an ideal solution to get rid of broken toys that don’t have to wind up in a landfill or take up needless space in your very own home.

It’s very simple to get involved.

  • Visit tomsofmaine.com/lesswaste
  • Enter contact information to receive a free UPS shipping label via email
  • Fill an old box with up to ten pounds of broken toys
  • Attach the free shipping label to the box and drop it off at UPS

Small lifestyle changes can have huge, positive impacts on the environment. Getting involved is a great way to celebrate Earth Month in April. It’s also a great way for your kids to learn about how important the earth is and how even the littlest of changes in our daily lives can have such a huge impact. However, you don’t just have to do it for the month of April. Making decisions to help reduce waste will into your daily life will have one of the greatest impacts for our planet.

Join the challenge today and make a difference!

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